Ozone Micro/Nano-Bubble Produce Washing System: A New & Safe Way to Wash Fruits and Vegetables

30 January 2023

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

The innovation Ozone Micro/Nano-bubble Fruit & Vegetable Washing System is a semi-industrial prototype developed by Associate Professor Dr. Kanda Whangchai of the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, and the research team from the Postharvest Technology Research Centre, Faculty of Agriculture. This new technology will help ensure better food safety for consumers. It was supported by the Pan Dao research scheme by the Postharvest Technology Research Centre, Science and Technology Postgraduate Education and Research Development Office (PERDO); the Science, Research and Innovation Promotion and Utilisation Division; as well as the Office of the Minister Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation. Assistant Professor Dr. Tanyanuparb Anantana, Director of CMU Science and Technology Park, was the project’s advisor.
The 140-litre automatic produce washer has a size of 156 ? 70 ? 93 centimetres. Developed, based on the Ozone Micro/Nano-bubble technology, it will prove helpful in washing produce after harvest, as it can reduce the accumulation of micro-organisms, especially disease-causing bacteria, by 90 percent, and insecticide residues, particularly the widely-used organo-phosphates and carbamates, by 70 percent. The machine can wash a larger number of fruits and vegetables using less water and time – only 15 minutes per wash, and it will prolong the storage life in a way that is safe for both consumers and the environment. This innovation meets the organic agriculture standards on house packing management and it has undergone testing by real users.