Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are one of the key aspects of the university’s internationalization strategy, as these prepare both students and staff to operate effectively internationally.In recognition of this CMU has concluded various student/staff exchange agreements with Australian, Chinese, Japanese and North American universities. CMU actively encourages interaction between its students and those from overseas institutions.

Student exchange programs have enabled approximately 900 students from more than 20 countries to study at CMU. Participants in these programs make valuable contributions to the University’s community, affording a global outlook in both academic and social contexts. These programs also make it possible for CMU students to obtain their qualifications while studying at some of the world’s leading institutions.

The number of CMU students involved in the exchange programs abroad is continuously increasing. Recently, more than 100 CMU students studied at 10 universities located overseas.

Apart from CMU’s long-standing exchange agreements with approximately 30 institutions around the world (more details on :, there are also many other programs that support international students and staff exchanges, including:

  • Asean-European Academic University Network (ASEAN-UNINET).
  • Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)-DUO Fellowship Program.
  • Asian University Network (AUN)
  • Erasmus Mundus Program (European Union).
  • Faculty and Student Exchange Programs between Thailand and Neighboring Countries (THAI-ASEAN)
  • University Mobility in Asia and Pacific (also called UMAP)