Chiang Mai University has a policy to provide financial aid to students in need. Those interested should contact their faculty’s student affairs directly.

Scholarships for Incoming CMU Student

The Chiang Mai University Promotional Committee has a scholarship worth 10,000 baht and will consider need-based students who have passed the entrance examination to Chiang Mai University in the quota system of 17 provinces in the north for travel expenses and uniform expenses in the first semester of the academic year. The scholarship is allocated to students every academic year. Approximately 60-100 students will receive this aid. Students who wish to request such funds must submit an application through the director of their school as soon as they know the results of passing the quota system.


Scholarships are divided into 2 types: Central and Faculty Scholarships.
1. The Central scholarship is a scholarship that does not specify any faculty in particular. There are approximately 600 of these scholarships per year.
2. The Faculty Scholarships is a scholarship that is given to the students studying in that specific faculty. There are approximately 1,500 scholarships per year that includes the 20 faculties and 1 college, except for the Graduate School.
Students have the rights to apply for both types of scholarships as follows.

1. Students who are interested in applying for a faculty scholarship should contact their faculty directly.

2. Students who are interested in applying for a central scholarship should contact (

Students are eligible to receive only one scholarship. In the case of applying for a central scholarship, the university will announce the requirement of the application as follows.


Scholarships for first year students
  • New students must submit their application during registration at CMU, about a month before the first semester starts.
  • Interviews are between September - October.
  • Eligibility will be announced around November.


Scholarships for all students (For convenience, students who have been selected will receive scholarships the second semester)
  • Application submission will be around January.
  • Interviews are between February and March.
  • Eligibility will be announced July.

Government Educational Loan Fund and Educational Loan Fund that Binds to Future Income

Government Educational Loan Fund and Educational Loan Fund that Binds to Future Income are loans for undergraduates to borrow for tuition fees and living expenses. Those eligible for loans must have met the conditions set by these two organization. Students wishing to apply for such loans should contact the Scholarship Services of the Student Development Division and their faculty’s Student Affairs (call 053-941360, 053-943032).

CMU Emergency Loan Service

Chiang Mai University has an emergency loan for students to borrow if there is an urgent need in regards to education. The student must get the loan form at the Student Quality Development Unit at their faculty, the conditions of the loan are at the discretion of the faculty. If the faculty does not have sufficient emergency loans, students can submit an application form for emergency loans from the university. The student must obtain the loan request form and receive consent from the faculty. The student will receive the loan within 3 working days from the date of submission.

Conditions for Borrowing and Returning Emergency Loans
The student must be undergraduate who has enrolled in the semester. The university allows students to borrow up to 500 baht, however, in case of other incident which directly impacts the student such as the sudden death of their parent or guardian, natural disasters, bankruptcy or other disasters, the student will be considered by the Dean or the Deputy Dean of student affairs to borrow more than the amount specified. Students who borrow emergency loans from Chiang Mai University must repay it within that semester, 1 week before final exam. If the loan has not been paid off within that time frame, the Student Development Division will inform the student's liability to the Office of Registration nullify the student’s enrollment in the next semester and their diploma until the loan has been paid off.