Chiang Mai University is a place for knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer in both the arts and the sciences. It is a place for academic excellence, based on academic freedom and guided by moral precepts, in order to benefit its own region and the country as a whole.
Chiang Mai University is Thailand’s first provincial university. It was established in accordance with the government’s policy and objectives of providing the various regions of the country with centers for academic and occupational education and research. CMU’s particular responsibility is to the peoples of north Thailand, although it draws students from throughout the countries, and its programs and projects are increasingly national in scope.
Graduates from Chiang Mai University place great emphasis on self-training and self-development in order to become industrious, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and practical persons, capable of caring for themselves and others, with ethical resolve and social awareness.


A Leading University Committed to Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development


Our five-fold mission addresses the challenges our nation faces amidst a globalizing world. Our mission is to:
  1. Provide higher education and professional level training ,while combine academic excellence with high moral and ethical standards under the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.
  2. Conduct research in various fields to support standards of teaching, learning and technology transfer for the social and economic development of the region and the country.
  3. Provide academic services to the national community in line with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, particularly for Northern Thailand.
  4. Preserve and nurture our religious and cultural heritage, and sustainably develop the resources of the unique natural environment of Northern Thailand.
  5. Develop the University’s administration systems and management under the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy while maintaining at Sustainable Development.