CMU ranked no 3 in Thailand and 531 worldwide in Round University Ranking (RUR) 2022

20 May 2022

Office of Research Administration

The Round University Ranking (RUR) has announced its 2022 edition, which is based on the data from ISI (Web of Science) and calculated using four indicators – Teaching (40%), Research (40%), International Diversity (10%) and Financial Sustainability (10%).

This year, CMU is ranked number three nationally and 531 globally with a score of 53.779, an improvement from last year’s 45.549 at number 552.

The indicators in which CMU has fared better than the previous year are Research and Financial Stability. In the former, CMU moved up from last year’s 585 to 579 and in the latter, it was placed at number 177, a remarkable improvement from 425.
The 2021-2022 comparison of the subscores in each indicator is as follows.

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