MDRI Supported Youth and Citizens in Ban Dong, Luang Wiang Nong Long, Lamphun to Become a Model for the Creative Citizens of Wiang Nong Long Lamphun Folk Music

13 November 2023

Multidisciplinary Research Institute (MDRI)

Dr. Pachernwaat Srichai, a researcher of the Multidisciplinary Research Institute, Chiang Mai University, has organized an activity to drive sustainable creative economy in Lamphun province as “Promoting Creative Citizens and Networks in Lamphun Province through Creative Processes under the Lanna Cultural Heritage: Wiang Nong Long Lamphun's Creative Citizens of  folk music” which has the objective of organizing activities to promote and develop the citizens of Wiang Nong Long's traditional music, which will allow these citizens to gain more and useful knowledge and experience. Especially, linking to create networks of cooperation may cause the rural areas of Lamphun Province in receiving opportunities and channels to preserve its own arts and culture. This would create another dimensions of creativity for the further development of Lamphun Province creatively and sustainably.

This activity was organized for 50 youth and local music citizens of Wiang Nong Long, Lamphun and also the related citizens. They participated in the activity on Sunday, November 12, 2023 at Ban Dong Luang Temple Hall, Wang Phang Subdistrict, Wiang Nong Long District, Lamphun Province, under the budget supported from the project of "Moving towards Lamphuns Sustainable Creative Economy" by MDRI, CMU.

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