Chiang Mai University's International College of Digital Innovation Takes the Stage at Prestigious International Conference in Sri Lanka

4 July 2023

International College of Digital Innovation

Delegates from the International College of Digital Innovation at Chiang Mai University, led by Assistant Professor Dr. Benjamas Suksatit, Vice Dean, actively participated and presented their research at the acclaimed international conference on 'Qualification Frameworks & Recognition of Qualifications and Credentials'. This conference, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from June 28 to June 30, 2023, was conducted under the auspices of the RecoAsia research project, which is sponsored by Erasmus+.

The RecoAsia project represents a landmark collaboration involving 25 institutions from nine distinct countries, including Italy, Cambodia, Estonia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand. The project's primary objective is to support and enhance the quality of mobility for international students and professionals within the higher education systems of Asia and Europe. By promoting a wider recognition of qualifications within these regions, RecoAsia aims to facilitate international cooperation and raise the standards of global education.