Faculty of Social Sciences

Aim to be an educational institution Social science research In order to benefit local, national and international as a whole

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Established in 1964, the Faculty of Social Sciences was one of the first three faculties of Chiang Mai University. Since then, it has expanded substantially in terms of its teaching, research, community services and other academic activities. The Faculty has 54 members of teaching staff who are specialized in many areas of social sciences, and 57 members of supporting staff. The Faculty of Social Sciences is well known for its strength in research, teaching and learning qualities. The Faculty consists of four departments and one center: Department of Geography; Department of Sociology and Anthropology; Department of Women’s Studies; Department of Social Science and Development; and Center for Research and Academic Services (CRAS).

Each Department has its own undergraduate and postgraduate programs. At present, there are 5 undergraduate programs, and 11 postgraduate programs.

1. Department of Geography

2. Department of Sociology and Anthropology

3. Department of Women’s Studies

4. Department of Social Science and Development

5. Center for Research and Academic Services


Faculty of Social Sciences

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