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The Faculty of Agro-Industry had its origins as a Department of Food Science and Technology in 1972 within the Faculty of Agriculture. Its Faculty status was subsequently attained on 18th December 1992 in accordance with the Royal Gazette. Then the Faculty of Agro-Industry has become a separate thirteenth faculty of Chiang Mai University. The support of Faculty establishment from the Royal Thai Government was clearly stated in the Cabinet Resolution on 2nd February 1993 which declared that Thailand was still lacking manpower in the area of agro-industry as evident from the high demands of graduate students in both government and private sectors. As such, the Faculty of Agro-Industry was formed in order to facilitate the expansion of educational program to various disciplines of agro-industry and support its development in Thailand.

  • Food Science and Technology Program was formed and taught by the Department of Food Science and Technology within the Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University
  • The project of The Faculty of Agro-Industry formation was started from 30th May 1990 to 3rd February 1994, located at the Department of Food Science and Technology Building
  • Formation as the 13th Faculty of Chiang Mai University, according to Royal Gazette no 109, 120th section dated 18 December 1992
  • Declaration of the Royal Thai Government is clearly mentioned to the lacking of manpower in the Agro-Industry field.
  • Master's Degree Program of Food Science and Technology was offered.
  • The administrative office was temporarily moved to relocated at the building of the Graduate School from 4th February 1994 to 10th October 1999
  • Bachelor's Degree Program of Agro-Industry Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering was offered.
  • Bachelor's Degree Program of Product Development Technology was offered.
  • The construction of studying and Laboratory building was started on 3rd September 1996 at Mae Hia Research and Training Station and completed on 24th August 1998
  • The Faculty was settled at Mae Hia Research and Training Station from 11th October 1999 up to date.
  • Bachelor's Degree Program of Packaging Technology was offered.
  • Master's Degree Program of Biotechnology (Joint Program) was offered.
  • Doctoral Degree Program of Biotechnology (Joint Program) and Food Science and Technology were offered.
  • Master's Degree Program of Food Science and Technology (Plan B) was offered.
  • Master's Degree Program of Agro-Industry Management (Plan B) was offered.
  • Bachelor's Degree Program of Marine Product and the Master's Degree Program of Agro-Industrial Product Development and Food Process Engineering were offered. 


Faculty of Agro-Industry

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