CMU Receives CALO Award: A Recognition for Climate Action Leadership

16 November 2023

Energy Research and Development Institute - Nakornping

        On behalf of CMU, Associate Professor Prasert Rerkkriangkrai, the Vice President of Physical and Environmental Affairs, received a plaque of honor for being certified a Climate Action Leading Organization (CALO) from the Thailand Carbon Neutral Network (TCNN) by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO). Associate Professor Dr. Sirichai Koonaphapdeelert, the Director of the Energy Research and Development Institute of Nakornping (ERDI), was also present, receiving the award at the presentation ceremony, which was held during the Announcement of Successful Operations by Thailand Carbon Neutral Network 2023. Held on November 15, 2023, at the Rama Gardens Hotel as well as online via TGO’s Facebook page, the event was attended by over 150 people, from administrators and staff of TCNN network organizations to interested individuals.

       CMU has been certified as a Climate Action Leading Organization (CALO) in the general category, achieving the Gold tier for greenhouse gas reduction and the Bronze tier for measurement outcomes, thanks to its ongoing efforts in implementing proactive strategies in energy and the environment. This has led to preparedness in terms of infrastructure, facilities, knowledge, research, and personnel expertise, all of which serve as a foundation for the university's development towards becoming a carbon-neutral institution, contributing to the sustainable resolution of global challenges. ERDI has played a key role in driving the goal to achieve university-wide carbon neutrality by 2032.
CMU is pursuing its mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the concept of zero waste, by converting waste into energy. The Integrated Biomass Management Centre has successfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 6,971 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. Solar Rooftop has been promoted as a clean energy source, converting solar power into electricity, resulting in a reduction of emissions by 7,545 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. Additionally, research and development efforts in energy innovation, energy storage, and energy efficiency enhancement have been prioritized, with the inclusion of academic collaborations with other agencies aimed at reducing carbon emissions.
ERDI also earned a CALO badge for being recognized as a Climate Action Leading Organization in the general category, achieving the Gold tier for greenhouse gas reduction and the Bronze tier for measurement outcomes. Its plans for reduction are multifaceted and encompass energy efficiency enhancement, energy conservation, and renewable energy. These plans include adopting LED bulbs, reducing air-conditioning use, improving maintenance, and installing energy-storage batteries, as well as rooftop solar cell panels.

      The CALO rankings aim to promote leadership in climate action and responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions through a statement of commitment to emissions reduction and the achievement of carbon neutrality at the organizational scale. It should be accompanied by clearly defined goals and operational plans that are based on science and the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. Organizations should also strive for certification of Carbon Footprint for Organization and other related standards by TCNN or equivalent international bodies.