CMUBS invited PROF. DR. BODO B. SCHLEGELMILC (Global Expert) as a speaker in the “GLOBAL MARKETING CHALLENGES” SEMINAR for Ex-M.B.A. Students.

7 February 2023

Chiang Mai University Business School

Chiang Mai University Business School organized the“GLOBAL MARKETING CHALLENGES” SEMINAR on February 6, 2023. By inviting PROF. DR. BODO B. SCHLEGELMILCH, a professor of International Management and Marketing, the Faculty of Economics and Business, Vienna University (WU Vienna) to give a lecture in the topic “The Future of Management Education and the Role of Business School” for Master of Business Administration for Executive and CMUBS Faculties at the Copper Room (2nd Floor), Chiang Mai University Business School. The seminar aim to update the knowledge in the field of global marketing, prepare and adjust themselves to a global business environment.

PROF. DR. BODO B. SCHLEGELMILCH is the global expert in marketing strategies, organized innovation, communication and cooperate social responsibility and also an MBA (Chair (& Trustee), International Management Board: AMBA (Association of MBAs) and BGA (Business Graduates Association))