Lifelong Education at CMU wins multiple best E-Learning awards

1 June 2022

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

As an ageing society, Thailand needs to be prepared by making use of technological advancement to reduce educational limitations and increase the opportunities for the elderly to return to the classroom. With the learner-centered principle in mind, CMU is offering educational opportunities for all at the School of Lifelong Education, which will push the boundary of learning and drive changes according to societal needs. The School delivers educational values and creates a lifelong learning environment that is accessible at one’s fingertips so that anyone can work towards their desired success.

Recently, the CMU School of Lifelong Education was awarded Best E-Learning at the Digital Content for Learning Contest 2022 held by the E-Learning Association of Thailand. It was also victorious at the Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2022 (BIDC2022), winning two awards: the programme ‘Digital School for Retirees’ winning Best E-Learning for Senior Citizens Higher Education and the programme ‘Skills4Life: Fostering Core Skills in Life and Work’ winning Best E-Learning for Human Resource Training and Development.

Apart from the award-winning programmes mentioned, the School offers many more interesting programmes, including Advanced@CMU which allows lifelong students to sit in the same class as regular CMU students, short courses for professional development, and CMU MOOCs, some of which offer enrollment certificates that can be used for educational and professional purposes. Those who are interested can enroll for free at
As stated in its vision – that of being a leading university committed to social responsibility and sustainable development, CMU has become a public space for education, thanks to the collaboration of CMU faculties and staff. A solid foundation of knowledge is essential to humans, as it guarantees an equal and universal opportunity for quality lifelong education. It has the potential to turn around society for the better by raising the bar of human capacity to a self-sustaining level. People will be presented with a variety of job opportunities and unemployment will be reduced. This is vital to Thailand’s growth, as it helps distributes incomes and opportunities, ultimately leading to true development for all.