CMU Pharmacy Alumnus Wins SX Shaper Award at Sustainability Expo 2023

3 October 2023

Faculty of Pharmacy

Adjunct Professor Dr. Krisana Kraisintu, an alumnus of the CMU Faculty of Pharmacy, batch 7, was awarded the SX Shaper Award at the Sustainability Expo 2023, the largest sustainability expo in ASEAN.
Known as the ‘Gypsy pharmacist’, Professor Krisana Kraisintu was a pioneer in developing generic HIV/AIDS and malaria drugs. Her latest projects involve herbal drug development derived from cumin and Andrographis paniculate in the three southern border provinces and the northeast. Her achievements will help advance sustainability in the quality of life.
‘For my work, there are four principles that I hold dear: empowerment – giving individuals and communities the power to determine their future, equality, dignity and, most importantly, sustainability.’
---- Adjunct Professor Dr. Krisana Kraisintu
The SX Shaper Award is an integral part of the Sustainability Expo (SX) organised as a result of the collaboration of several Thai sectors which recognize the importance of sustainable development. First held in 2020, the event received support from three organisations recognised as leaders in the sustainability field on the global stage: PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, and Thai Union Group Public Company Limited.
The award is given to individuals committed to sustainable development who have created concrete environmental and/or social impacts on a large scale during the largest convention in sustainability, the Sustainability Expo. This year’s edition was held from September 29 – October 8, 2023, at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.