Thailand’s first digital transcript: CMU brings about a new dimension to academic service

5 February 2021

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

Chiang Mai University is the first university in Thailand to pilot the digital transcript system. In collaboration with the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (EDTA) and partner universities in Thailand, it aims to provide a quick and safe service with the internationally-recognised standard. The digital transcript is recognised by domestic organisations, as well as educational institutions overseas, and it is hoped that policy support would result in more extensive use.

The change in format of academic documents, from paper to digital, is a reinforcement of concrete digital transformation for Thai education. By implementing the digital transcript system, CMU is committed to creating data interconnection for the public, private and civil sectors and providing facilitation for involved users. For instance, students can access their digital transcript anywhere at anytime, thus eliminating the costs of traveling to campus or the delivery fee upon requesting a new physical copy. For organisations, the new digital format can reduce the procedures in verifying academic documents, and they rest assured that the issued documents with digital signatures are official and have not been tampered with or modified by unauthorised persons. In the long run, this would also reduce the cost of administration and storage of the paper documents.
CMU is determined to become a leader in developing innovations for academic services that would maximise efficiency, improve mobility, and make constant improvements to benefits of all stakeholders in mind. All in all, the digital transcript marks a great beginning towards the digital transformation of Thai education.

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