CMU launches Digital Mapping Exhibition: Chiang Mai’s first innovative historical learning site

19 February 2021

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

In the age of technological advancement, museums are undergoing a crucial transition period. Travelling back in time through digital media is a challenge that opens up a new experience for visitors. The Lanna Traditional House Museum, by Chiang Mai University, has launched an exhibition on the Colonial-Style House (Queripel) using projection mapping, adding elements of interest and liveliness. Such innovation, used for the first time in Chiang Mai, adds both knowledge and joy for the visitor.


The Lanna Traditional House Museum, Centre for the Promotion of Arts and Culture, CMU offers a narration of memories from the Queripel House, as well as the lifestyle, food, society, Lanna architecture, and culture of Chiang Mai in the colonial period. It also provides a look into the history of wood trade and the story of the Queripel family while living in the House. The exhibition, equipped with innovative media, is divided into five rooms. The first room shows the clothing culture of Chiang Mai people in the form of projection mapping onto the male and female mannequins, showing the evolution of costumes from the King Rama IV to Rama VII periods. The second room focuses on the tastes of the food from Ban Ling Ha recalled by Khun Malinee, the daughter and the last heir of Mr Queripel, the prominent ones in her mind being Kaeng Hang Lay and salted pork with garlic. Inside, not only will the visitors experience the projection mapping of the cooking process onto the pan, but they will also be able to smell the dishes being cooked. The third room is about the story of Mr Queripel’s wood trade, his former occupation, in the Northern region. In the fourth room, Papa Que’s Ban Ling Ha, the history of the House is exhibited with the highlights being Mr Queripel’s handwritten menu notebook and his sports trophies of over a century old. The last room shows a collection of architecture from the same period. For more information, contact Lanna Traditional House Museum, Centre for the Promotion of Arts and Culture, CMU at 053-943626 or visit the website at
As the vibrant centre of art and culture, transmission and promotion are among the approaches in developing the Lanna Traditional House Museum into a valuable and sustainable learning centre about past ways of life, and digital media will help immerse the audience in the exhibition and make the Museum an accessible learning source for all.