CMU Faculty of Medicine together with CISCO develop Med Tech Innovation

10 September 2020

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

CMU’s Faculty of Medicine and CISCO Systems, a leader in internet technology, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on September 9, 2020 on academic collaboration for innovative development in public health and medical technology (Med. Tech Co-innovation)

This MoU plans to exchange new academic knowledge and apply technology to enhance public health service and for elevating the digital health care experiences with the following:

- Creating Digital Health Care experiences for customers and medical staff with 2 systems:
a. A Drug and Medical Equipment Tracking System: an electronic system that accurately tracks drug and medical equipment with in the Hospital and its affiliated network in real time.

b. Medical Service Status Tracking System: patients can check the status of service, queue, drugs and payment and other data including doctor consultations in order to reduce the amount of patients waiting in the hospital and also provides a navigation system that helps patients to find various service points conveniently and quickly.

- Innovative acceleration for public health development through:
a. Tuberculosis Screening Project: patient screening using AI and Deep learning can help doctors to diagnose x-ray film images and long distance consultations is possible through a Tele-consulting system

b. Tele-Palliative Care: a virtual treatment room for palliative patients and bed – bound patients who are not in hospital. Specialized nurses with mobile medical devices will meet the patients at home to check up on the patients’ health and can communicate with the doctor in real time.

c. Diabetes Patient Data & Communication Project: village health volunteers who take care of patients with high blood pressure or diabetes can attend online training to keep up todate with the latest treatment options and can follow up patient’s results online thereby reducing the need for patients to visit hospitals.

This collaboration aims to support patients from 17 provinces in northern Thailand and the Managing Director of CISCO Thailand has noted that digital health care services is increasing, especially since lockdown measures have been introduced.

About Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University:

Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University is a top medical institute. Its 3 main missions are: education for producing graduates at an international and moral level, research in order to be a leader in health and to provide health services at an international standard.
Further information at Med CMU.

About CISCO System Co. Ltd.:

CISCO is world technological leader in internet connectivity and are specialized in data security, infrastructure and for increasing business capacity.