21 September 2021

Chiang Mai University Library

Chaing Mai University Library had become certified in Green Office 2021, Excellent Levels (GOAL) operating by the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

CMU Library realized and prioritized energy conservation and environmental protection. It was thus processed in the department of office and activities in the Library, which had made minimize the effect and responded to CMU Smart City-Clean Energy as follow the CMU educate development plans in phase 12th (2017 - 2021) and coincides with development library strategist Phase 5 years (2017 -2021)

Significant plan "Green Library and Green Office" in 2021, the Library has therefore registered receiving and evaluation to certificate to be Green Office operating Department of Environmental Quality Promotion.

CMU Library was recruited receiving evaluation to certificate to be Green Office being operation by setting environment policy, appointing a development Green Office Committee to power Green Office, collaborating inform issue in the part of the environment and evaluate

To get priorities of resources environment issue (INPUT) and Pollutions (OUTPUT) to solve method problem in environments which significant, set goals and reduce using energy, waste, gas and greenhouse resources. Including training plans and environmental support activities. The whole had been processed as development goals and keeping follow-up checking analysis to be goals and reduce resources plan. How to save energy, waste, greenhouse quantity to final step is to review, analyze and debug Green Office development. "Https://greenoffice.library.cmu.ac.th"

Chiang Mai University Library had an accreditations Green Office 2021 Excellent Levels (GOAL). This is our esteem from Director's determined, Green Office committee's cooperation, involved officer and PDCA Quality Green Office Development.

This opportunity Chiang Mai University Library congratulate to Office of the University and The Center of the promotion of Art and Culture, Chiang Mai University. They had received accreditations for Green Office 2021 Excellent Levels (GOAL).