ICDI-CMU Explores Enhanced Collaboration with Staffordshire University, UK

6 December 2023

International College of Digital Innovation

In a pursuit of academic excellence, ICDI, under the leadership of Assistant Professor Dr. Rujira Ouncharoen, Dean, warmly welcomed Mr. Jonathan Disley, Global Opportunities Manager from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom. Staffordshire University has been the collaborator with ICDI since the visit under the One Faculty One MoU project last June, which saw fruitful cooperation at Staffordshire University's London Campus.

During Mr. Disley's recent visit to ICDI, discussions were focused on further strengthening academic ties. The agenda included talks on potential areas of collaboration and, notably, the exploration of a short-term student exchange program. This significant meeting took place on Friday, December 1, 2023, at the ICB1313 Meeting Room within ICDI Building.