CMU launches programmes in digital fields in response to the job market in the age of new normal

22 July 2020

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

COVID-19 has caused immense impacts in all areas leading to the embrace of digital technology that is vital to the ‘new normal’ way of life. This is particularly true for the business and industrial sectors, which directly affect the employment of new graduates. Chiang Mai University has recognised that it is important to make adaptations to the teaching and learning methods and to design degree programmes in the digital fields which are relevant to the current context and meet the demands of today’s job markets.
In terms of academic and student quality development, CMU has been focusing on specific learning achievements that are in line with technological advancement and emerging professions in various fields. New undergraduate programmes on digital innovation and technology offered in the Academic Year 2019 – 2020 include Digital Industry Integration, Digital Innovation, Digital Film, Digital Gaming, Data Science and Marine Product Technology, Information Systems & Network Engineering (bilingual programme), Software Engineering (international programme) and Integrated Design in Emerging Architecture (international programme).
In addition to the curricular adaptations, the University has also developed digital literacy in students so that they can make proper use of IT technology and develop the 21st century skills for effective learning, communication and work performance. Moreover, an exam on IT knowledge and skills has been created to test basic knowledge and usage of computer and IT devices, necessary software programmes, social media, security in computer devices and IT ethics, and the exam result can be used on future job applications.
CMU is strongly committed to digital transformation and is engaged in the missions of digital educational platform development, educational quality development and integration of knowledge into innovation in order to develop students to their full capacity, and become ready and proficient for their future career. This is in line with the University’s objective in creating graduates equipped with proficiency, morality and global citizenship.