‘Iron A’ Design Award

5 May 2021

Faculty of Architecture

Asst.Prof.Dr. Pandin Ounchanum, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Foreign Relations, Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University, received the ‘Iron A’ Design Award in Interior Space and Exhibition Design at the International Design Academy 2020 – 2021 in Italy for the work titled ‘SatitCMU Kidspace’. Dr.Pandin, the designer of Chiang Mai University Demonstration School (Kindergarten and Primary Levels), was inspired by phenomenon-based learning through imaginative environments.
The first floor’s concept was learning in a forest setting.
The second floor’s concept revolved around learning under the sky and the bathroom was under the ocean.
An elephant, CMU’s symbol, was used in the design of the playspace situated at the centre of the hall. The trapezium-shaped tables could be pieced together to form a hexagon table for group learning, or in other designs to suit different styles of learning.
‘SatitCMU Kidspace’ is a project by the Faculty of Education to create a laboratory for teachers with expertise in new teaching approaches and to generate educational innovation for human development in order to accommodate the 20-year National Strategy.