Our Memories On The Railway

21 July 2019

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

One university, 14 bogeys, and the laughter of the new incoming freshmen as they rode the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with their new friends and seniors. The train riding is a CMU tradition organized by the CMU Student Union with this year’s theme: “Our Memories On The Railway ... Memories on the way ".

The train riding tradition was held on July 20, 2019 with Asso. Prof. Amnat Yousukh, Vice President of Chiang Mai University, as the host. นายสุวพันธุ์ ตันยุวรรธนะ, a member of the senate and an honorary advisors to the CMU Alumni associations, Bangkok gave his regards and นายศิริพงศ์ กลั่นศิริ, Advisor to the Governor of the State Railway of Thailand, at the Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Bangkok, made a welcoming speech.

Inside the 14 bogeys seated incoming freshmen from all 20 faculties and 1 College. The departure from Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Bangkok, was scheduled to be 3:15 pm. The train stopped to pick up new students at the following stations: Lopburi Railway Station, Nakhon Sawan, Phitsanulok, and Lampang, respectively, before heading to Chiang Mai Railway Station. With each stop, there were seniors and alumni waiting. They brought water, food and words of encouragement for the new freshmen.

The journey of being a Chiang Mai University student begins after the students arrive at Sala Dharma in the University. On July 21, 2019, the students at the Sala Dharma received a warm welcome from the administrators, personnel and seniors as well as a welcome speech from Clinical Professor Dr. Niwes Nantajit, President of Chiang Mai University and นายสมยศ วงษ์ทองสาลี, President of the Chiang Mai University Student Association.

Millions of feelings, thousands of laughter, and hundreds of memories all in one train ride. Those memories are unforgettable, remaining vivid and ever heart warming. Here are some thoughts about the CMU train ride.

Clinical Professor Niwes Nantachit, M.D.
President of Chiang Mai University
"The CMU train ride has been a tradition in welcoming new students since 1964. Up until now it is a unique, heart warming activity that creates wonderful experiences in the first step towards Chiang Mai University. "

Ms. Chonnikarn Supittayaporn (Karn)
President of Chiang Mai University Student Union
"This year, there are a lot of students that participated in the train riding tradition that continues from generation to generation for decades. This year, The concept is ‘Our Memories On The Railway…. Memories on the way’. You will make many good memories while riding the train. It is the first welcoming activity here at CMU. "

Siraphan Apiraktanakorn (Wattanajinda)
Alumni, Faculty of Engineering, Code 44
"The atmosphere at Hua Lamphong today is filled with excitement. This is my first time to participate in the train ride [as an alumni]. It is an exciting opportunity because I live in Lampang which is close to Chiang Mai, so I never had the chance to experience this type of atmosphere.”

Miss Kasinut Thongsak (Soda)
A student in the Faculty of Mass Communication from Kanlayanawat School, Khon Kaen
"I had participated in the CMU open house earlier and was thoroughly impressed with the social environment in CMU.The seniors at the open house were really welcoming which makes me want to study here. The train riding activity was very fun. There are many generations of seniors that would come. There’s even alumni from my father's generation that came to welcome us. That, in a way, makes us more intimate. I would like to thank the seniors for making our train riding experience worth while.

Mr. Yanathorn Kullawechwichit (Tew)
A student in the Faculty of Law from Chakkamkhanathorn School, Lamphun
"You can definitely see the hospitality radiating from many seniors. They brought us food and snacks. The tradition also creates a bond between the juniors and seniors and this would be my first ever CMU experience. The train riding tradition is a once in a lifetime because it is only for the freshmen. Which is why I have decided to travel from Lamphun down to Bangkok to join the train riding tradition at the Hua Lamphong Railway Station. I want to create a good memory. In my opinion, aside from being a University closer to home, CMU has quality education and maintains a good relationship between the juniors and seniors. Finally, I would like to thank the seniors that took good care of me throughout the travel, making sure that I not only arrive safely but that I had fun along the way. "

Mr. Nakan Poondin (Scale)
A student in the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration from Suankularb Wittayalai School, Bangkok
"For me, I chose to study at CMU because I am interested by the Northern culture. To get a full experience, I decided to participate in the train riding tradition. The seniors took good care of me and I got to meet many friends on this trip. I believe this activity is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For the next generation who is deciding to continue their studies at CMU, I would like to encourage them to participate in the train riding tradition as well. "

Ms. Sasitha Sungwongs (Ya Ya)
A student in the Faculty of Architecture from Rayongwittayakom School, Rayong
"From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to participate in the Train Riding Tradition because it is an activity that gives us the opportunity to get to know more seniors and friends I think it is a very useful activity and I would want the Next generation to have the opportunity to experience this atmosphere as well. "

Mr. Tanapoom Treetipbut (Poom)
Faculty of Dentistry from Chiang Mai University Demonstration School, Chiangmai.
"I am from Chiang Mai but I traveled down to Bangkok to participate in the Train Riding Tradition at Hua Lamphong. We’re only get to be a freshman once, so I want to do as many activities as possible. I am very impressed with the tradition. The seniors took good care of me and handed out delicious snacks throughout the train ride."