CMU raises the bar on safety, occupational health, and environment, ready to become a host institution of the Northern Region Network

7 May 2021

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

Working with chemical substances in a laboratory poses risks to workers, service users, and the community environment. As Thailand begins to impose stricter safety measures in laboratories, Chiang Mai University, as a source of research, innovation, and knowledge for society, is well-aware of the importance of safety and has taken responsibility in protecting the safety of lab workers and the environment of the local community. Hence, the Centre for Safety, Occupational Health, and Environment, Chiang Mai University (CMU SH&E), was established to systematically improve the safety standards in laboratory settings, with support from the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT).

CMU SH&E is the central organisation responsible for safety standards in three domains: laboratory safety, biological safety, and radiation safety, operating under the supervision of the executive committee of CMU SH&E. It also provides technical knowledge and training to students, lecturers, researchers, and staff on topics such as safety behaviour in laboratory settings, radioactive waste storage and segregation, chemical management, hazardous waste, and promotion of awareness and alertness about potential laboratory accidents. To achieve a single standard of practice, CMU was selected by the NRCT as the host institution for the ‘Host Institution for Laboratory Safety Project’ aiming to oversee safety standards in chemical laboratories in the Northern region and the ‘Regional Research Network on Laboratory Safety Project’ aiming to establish a model for laboratory standards for network educational institutions in the Northern region and interested organisations.
CMU sets to raise the safety standards in laboratory settings in a progressive, systematic, and efficient manner to ensure occupational safety and health for CMU staff and to drive sustainable and long-term operation.