CMU’s New Generation of Hometown Teachers provides opportunities for students in remote areas.

26 October 2020

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

Due to the problems faced by schools located in remote areas - the shortage of teachers, frequent transfer of non-local teachers and insufficient amounts of teachers per class, particularly in elementary grades, there has been a need for a quality development project of new generation teachers, aiming to address the needs of these institutions.

CMU has embraced the initiative, Hometown Teacher, by the Equitable Education Fund (EEF) by providing educational opportunities, solving unequal quality for small-sized schools in remote areas. Scholarships for pursuing a degree in education are provided for students residing in areas of poverty and once graduated, they are guaranteed a teaching position in their hometown area. This can supply quality teachers to schools in their hometowns for effective educational management.

This programme, operated by CMU’s Faculty of Education, has entered its second year of operation in this academic year of 2021 and the goal is to produce teachers with a strong identity, capable of being a good role-model, from carefully selected students who demonstrate determination, integrity and teaching spirit. The employed transdisciplinary-based approach teaching aims at enhancing 21st century skills developing their potential, and other important skills to foster the love for their hometowns. Teachers working in remote areas must be able to play another important role in helping the locals and the community in solving local problems and improve the community. The Faculty provides both academic and social supports for the scholarship recipients, covering their tuition fees, accommodation fees and educational equipment expenses throughout their study. In the first year of implementation, the programme admitted 31 students from different provinces, such as Lamphun, Lampang, Mae Hong Son, Phrae and Chiang Mai, into the elementary education major.

Story of Success from Future Hometown Teachers

Ms Duangkaew Kanmaneekun: ‘I’ve always admired teachers and aspired to become one. More importantly, a great dream of mine has been to go back and change my community for the better. The Hometown Teacher programme ticked all the boxes for me so I decided to join. It is my pride to get into CMU, receive a scholarship throughout my study and be guarantee a job position once graduated. This is a huge help for my family and I’m going to make the most out of this opportunity, gathering as much knowledge and experience that I will need to develop my school and community. I believe through education, my community can be as good as the ones located in plain areas.’

Mr Chanasit Wachirapong: ‘My aspiration has always been to become a teacher but my family couldn’t afford to support me financially. Luckily, I found this programme and it made my dream come true. It’s my delight and pride to have gotten into CMU and I’m determined to go back to my hometown once I graduate to teach children there who cannot speak Thai and improve the community as a whole.’

CMU supports the educational policy and strive to build a new teaching profession community for future education, delivering quality teachers that are fit for remote area education and most importantly, are able to live in their hometown with happiness and sustainability.