Executive of Chiang Mai University together with executives and lecturers of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Agro-Industry attended the meeting with South China University of Technology’s delegates for discussing future collaboration and engaged in MOU Signing Ceremony

14 May 2024

Faculty of Architecture

Professor of Practice Dr. Ekkachai Mahaek, Vice President of Chiang Mai University together with Assistant Professor Dr.Pandin Ounchanum, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Assistant Professor Dr.Worrasit Tantinipankul, and Assistant Professor Karn Khamkaew, lectures of the Faculty of Architecture, Assistant Professor Dr.Sorraya Khiewnavawongsa, Assistant Dean, and Dr.Sarinthip Thanakkasaranee, Lecturer of the Faculty of Agro-Industry, attended the meeting with South China University of Technology (SCUT)’s delegation leading by Professor Dr. Zhang Xichun, Chancellor of SCUT at Buaret Khamthong meeting room, 5th floor, Office Of the University Building 2 on 26th April 2024.

This meeting, the two universities discussed opportunities for future cooperation in general, in the field of Architecture, and in the field of Agro-industry. On this occasion, representatives from both universities signed a memorandum of understanding named “MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN SOUTH CHINA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY GUANGZHOU, CHINA AND CHIANG MAI UNIVERSITY, THAILAND IN RELATION TO ACADEMIC COLLABORATION, STUDENT MOBILITY, AND STAFF EXCHANGE PROGRAMS” which will lead to cooperation in academics and research including the exchange of students, personnel, and educational resources.

SCUT is a more primitive university compared to leading universities in Thailand. However, it can be considered as a progressive institution that has received great support from the Chinese government because it is located in Guangdong Province, where the People's Republic of China’s economic growth has been the highest rate. This visit for a signing ceremony contributed to a great opportunity to promote Chiang Mai University’s learning and development along with SCUT which has stepped onto the world-class university stage.