ICDI-CMU welcomed administrators from Yunnan Normal University

10 August 2023

International College of Digital Innovation

On August 9, 2023, Digital Innovation International College Chiang Mai University, led by Assistant Professor Dr. Rujira Ouncharoen, Dean of Digital Innovation International College, along with the management team welcomed administrators from Yunnan Normal University, Professor Shen Yi, Deputy Dean of Chinese Language and Culture College, Deputy Director Yunnan Normal University Teacher Training Base for the Promotion of International Chinese Language (Kunming) and former director of the Confucius Institute of Chiang Mai University.

In this regard, cooperation in education, research, and student exchanges has been negotiated in the future by discussing cooperation between Digital Innovation International College and Yunnan Normal University in bringing students from Yunnan Normal University to participate in Live Streaming in 8 provinces in the Upper North of Thailand.

This is an excellent opportunity to help practice Thai language for students. Such activities will be carried out under the project. Strengthening Entrepreneurs in LMC for Route Number 1 Innovation Corridor Development and inviting students to participate in the upcoming CMU Trekking 2023 tradition on November 18, 2023.