Announcement on Guidelines and Measures for CMU Foreign Students and Staff Entering Chiang Mai, Thailand

19 February 2021

International Relations Division

To comply with the university’s regulations and those by the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) on the Compliance Guidelines issued in accordance with Section 9 of the Royal Decree on Public Administration in the state of emergency, Chiang Mai University has set the following guidelines and measures on arrivals in Thailand for students and staff who wish to travel to Chiang Mai University for study, work, or to participate in academic activities, in order to protect the safety, health and risk of COVID-19 infection.
1. Before traveling to Thailand, avoid risky areas or communal places for at least 14 days.

2. Required documents for entering Thailand:
2.1 A letter certifying that the person is able to enter Thailand (Certificate of Entry-COE).
2.2 Medical certificate confirming that the traveler is fit to fly (Fit to Fly Health Certificate / Fit to Travel Health Certificate).
2.3 Medical certificate confirming that the traveler is free of COVID-19 (Medical Certificate) with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected by RT-PCR method and the test was performed within the last 72 hours before departure.
2.4 Foreign students or staff must have an insurance policy that covers the cost of health care and medical treatments including COVID-19 infections for the duration of the person’s stay in Thailand, insured not less than USD 100,000.

3. Individuals must undergo quarantine for a period of not less than 14 days and must comply with the order of the communicable disease control officer at the designated place. Also, the place where the person is to be quarantined shall be in accordance with the rules and guidelines prescribed by the government.

4. During quarantine, the person shall be tested for COVID-19 twice via the RT-PCR method, the first time the person shall be tested is in the initial 3 - 5 day period and the second time during the 11 – 13 day period of their quarantine.

5. All foreign students and staff are required to fill out Entering CMU Report Form via upon arrival at Chiang Mai Province. However, you also have to register your entry to Chiang Mai via CM-Chana Application at

6. Please note that documents providing evidence that the person has undergone quarantine together with the COVID-19 results are to be presented to the university prior to the individual’s study, work, or participation in academic activities. The person must also strictly comply with the university's measures and that of their own faculty/department.

7. To ensure the safety and protection against the spread of COVID-19, students and staff should check their health. Please observe if you have flu-like symptoms which include a runny nose, coughing with phlegm, and the loss of sense of smell. Also, if you have travelled to a high-risk areas earlier before coming to Chiang Mai such as the mall, entertainment venues, and other high surveillance areas. You have to Self-Monitoring at home for 14 days and always wear a face mask when with other people, observe socially distancing, and sanitize your hands with alcohol gel. You are required to provide a daily health report via CMU SELF HEALTH CHECK FOR COVID-19, a CMU smart-phone application.

8. In case you have flu-like symptoms which include a runny nose, coughing with phlegm, and the loss of sense of smell, please urgently report to your Supervisor or Head of Department immediately to receive a medical examination to test for COVID-19.

9. If student/staff member needs to be quarantined at the university’s organizational quarantine facility, the Student Development Division, Chiang Mai University will contact the student/staff for further arrangements.

10. Please follow the attached measures (A1-A2) and guidelines (B1-B2).