Initiatives in Green Chemical Analysis derived from Local Wisdom

28 March 2023

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

         Thailand is rich in natural resources. Utilizing a variety of natural resources existing in Thailand for health and chemical/nutrient tests is one of Thai local wisdoms. The wisdoms have long been used in Thai people's lives. A team of Thai chemists at Chiang Mai University, focusing on the development of green chemical analysis techniques, has adapted the wisdoms in modern chemical analyses. Let's find out how they turn local to global.

         This series of video clips is produced as a part of the project under the support of Thailand Research Fund (TRF) through the Distinguished Research Professor Award Grant : "Green Innovation in Chemical Analysis with Local Wisdom", by the Center of Excellence for Innovation in Analytical Science and Technology (I-ANALY-S-T), Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University.

EP 1 : From local to global

EP 2 : Keep on walking together

EP 3 : Challenge and talent

EP4 Innovation for Sustainability