BSc in Industrial Design: a new programme that offers the best of architecture and engineering

29 March 2023

Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC)

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design is our latest programme co-offered by the Faculties of Architecture and Engineering, integrating knowledge from both fields from aesthetic concepts and design, technology, and material development to sustainability. The programme’s philosophy is to produce graduates capable of producing innovation that contributes to society, the environment and sustainability amidst the dynamics of change through the integration of engineering and architecture and the adaptation of local wisdom combined with modern technology. This up-and-coming profession and business will play an important role in advancing the country's economic growth.

During the first year of this four-year programme, students will have basic knowledge of the concepts and theories in industrial design and be able to use the necessary equipment in the field. Then, in their second year, they will learn how to create innovation by integrating knowledge from different fields including architecture, engineering, marketing, belief, science, and aesthetics, among others. They will also learn to incorporate local wisdom with modern technology through an experimental industrial design module that allows them to learn by doing. The third year will focus on practising analytical thinking using insights as a strategic concept in industrial design, leading to business projects that operate with flexibility and fit the dynamic nature of the modern lifestyle, ultimately making positive contributions to society, the environment and sustainability. In the final year, students will come up with an innovation for new businesses using the knowledge learned and proper research methodology to create a prototype that stems from their interests and will be presented on the national or international stage.

Possible career paths for graduates of this programme include innovators, industrial designers, sustainability designers, interaction designers, experience designers, solution and service designers, digital designers, brand creators, entrepreneurs in creative business, researchers, and scholars in industrial design.

The programme’s tuition fee is 29,000 baht per semester. For more information, visit or contact CMU Faculty of Architecture at (+66)53-942-806.