MBA Marketing students undertake a Study Trip to Osaka University, Japan

6 June 2019

Chiang Mai University Business School

CMU’s Assistant Professor Ek Buncha and Dr. Rawi Roongruangsee, Lecturer, Committee of Master Degree Program in Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration, led students on a study trip to Osaka, Japan on May 25-30, 2019 and attended a special lecture on “Marketing in Japan” by Satoro Katsumata.

They also visited the Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry and visited the museum of entrepreneurs in Osaka, Earthquake Museum in Kobe and studied the trade zones for specific regions including the American Trade Zone, Korean Trade Zone, Chinese Trade Zone and the Traditional Trade Zone of Osaka.

In addition, students had an opportunity to learn more about marketing in Japan and the CMU faculty members from the Faculty of Business Administration had chance to exchange knowledge and experiences with the Osaka University staff members as well as with the Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry.