The International College of Digital Innovation (ICDI) at Chiang Mai University organizes academic seminars under the topic "Academic Seminar for International Programs and Bilingual Programs, Undergraduate Degree, Academic Year 2023."

18 August 2023

International College of Digital Innovation

On Friday, August 18, 2023, the International College of Digital Innovation (ICDI) at Chiang Mai University scheduled academic seminars for international programs and bilingual programs at the undergraduate level. These seminars took place at the Wintree City Resort Hotel in Chiang Mai. The event was honored by Assistant Professor Tosaporn Pichaiya, Vice President of Chiang Mai University, who presided over the event. The ceremony also featured Khun Amporn Garmolgomut, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Ambassador Education Group Co., Ltd., as a special speaker. The topic of their speech was "Propelling Education that Resonates with the International Student Market in the Changing Trends of the Modern Environment." Additionally, the Deputy Director of the Registration Office, Associate Professor Dr. Piyalak Phutthawong, served as a guest speaker. The topic of Dr. Phutthawong's speech was "International Program Admission System for Undergraduate Degrees, Academic Year 2024." The objective of this seminar is to facilitate discussions among executives, faculty members, and personnel from the Faculty/College that offers international and bilingual programs. These discussions will encompass administrative curriculum management, study management, and public relations. The seminar also aims to foster cooperation by building strong relationships among the participants.