International College of Digital Innovation, CMU organizes an academic seminar on "Undergraduate International Programs and Bilingual Programs Academic Year 2022"

2 September 2022

International College of Digital Innovation

On September 2, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. at Wintree City Resort Chiang Mai, Assistant Professor Tossaporn Phichaiya, Vice President of CMU, presided over the opening remarks and lectured on the topic of "Guidelines for Admission to International Programs, Academic Year 2023," with Assistant Professor Dr. Rujira Uncharoen, Dean of the International College of Digital Innovations, giving a reported speech to the President.

This seminar objective is for the executives, academic staff, and supporting staff from the faculty/college that offers international programs and Bilingual courses at Undergraduate level to exchange opinions about administration, educational management, and public relations. It also leads to the development of cooperation by building a good relationship between practitioners, with Associate Professor Dr. Piyapong Niamsup, Acting Assistant to the President, Dean, Associate Dean, and Chairperson of the Program, along with 60 participants from various faculties/colleges international programs.

Additionally, there is a presentation on the topics of Admission Criteria for Students via CMU-IPAS Channel International Program Undergraduate degree, Academic Year 2022, and Online Examination Results via CMU Exam System, CMU-IPAS Channel, Academic Year 2022. The management of international programs, including admission standards, general education course management (GE), suggestions for promoting education management, and the scheduling of exams for international students unable to travel to Thailand, are also the subject of a session for comments and suggestions.