Publication: Effectiveness of a self-management retraining program improving the quality of life of people receiving continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

3 September 2020

Faculty of Nursing

Associate Professor Dr. Wanicha Pungchompoo with master students Saowaros Parinyajittha, Paweena Kumtan and others publish in Nursing & Health Sciences.


People receiving continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) are often faced with technical difficulties while performing self?dialysis, which can compromise outcomes and health?related quality of life. This mixed?methods exploratory sequential study aims to implement a repeated?measures experimental design to assess the effectiveness of a self?management retraining program. The sample consisted of 41 participants living with chronic kidney disease aged 20 to 80?years who were receiving CAPD. Participants were purposively selected and randomized into experimental and control groups. The experimental group received the self?management retraining program. The control group received standard care. We compared health?related quality of life, self?management behavior, and perceived self?management self?efficacy levels at baseline and 3 and 6 months after enrollment. Participants demonstrated statistically significant increases in self?management behavior (medical adherence) and mental health status. Perceived self?efficacy in self?management was improved; however, this change did not reach statistical significance. We conclude that an self?management retraining program can improve self?management, self?efficacy behaviors, and health?related quality of life in persons receiving CAPD.

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