CMU together with PTT, NRCT and NIA develops Medical Bioplastic

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CMU together with PTT, NRCT and NIA develops Medical Bioplastic

Chiang Mai University has developed high quality bioplastic from natural raw materials using corn, sugar-cane and cassava that can be applied in the medical industry, replacing the need for importing expensive materials. Medical grade bioplastic products such as threads for sutures, can be digested in the human body by hydrolysis reaction and are thus ideal in reducing the need for further invasive treatments.

CMU’s Assistant Professor Dr. Wanita Punyodom, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Head of Researcher Team has revealed that Chiang Mai University has collaborated with PTT Public Company Limited, National Research Committee of Thailand (NCRT) and National Innovation Agency (NIA) to produce high quality Medical Bioplastic Beads at Standard Specification for Semi-Crystalline Poly (lactide) Polymer and Copolymer Resins for Surgical Implants, which can be used by the “Laboratory of Bioplastic Production for medicine”, operating under ISO13485 (Quality Management System for Industry of Medical Instruments and Medical Devices).

Chiang Mai University Science Park is retailing the medical grade bioplastic in collaboration with PTT in order to test the markets. Currently it retails at 50,000 Baht/kg as compared to the import price of 150,000 – 200,000 Baht/kg, giving Thailand an opportunity to earn export dollars on this product.


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