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International Cooperation

About CMU

International Cooperation

International Cooperation

At university levels, we have 140 Collaborative Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding with foreign universities, institutes and international organizations in 28 countries. Activities covered by these Agreements and Memoranda include: academic collaboration, the secondment of thesis advisors and project consultants, joint research, faculty staff and student exchange, curriculum development, joint seminars, and information exchange.

The Americas

• Simon Fraser University http://www.sfu.ca/
• Thompson Rivers University http://www.tru.ca/
United States of America
• California State University, Fullerton http://www.fullerton.edu/
• Case Western Reserve University http://www.case.edu/
• Colorado State University (The Tissue Culture for Crops Project)
• Community College for International Development, Inc. (CCID)
• Concord College
• Florida International University
• Global Campuses Foundation
• Hartwick College
• Indiana University
• Kalamazoo College
• Kansas State University
• Louisiana State University Medical Center
• Michigan Technological University
• Oklahoma State University
• School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene, University of Hawaii at Manoa
• School of Nursin, University of Washington, Seattle
• Shenandoah University, Virginia
• St. Olaf College
• The Monterey Institute of International Studies
• The Regent of New Mexico State University (College of Business Administration and Economics)
• The State University of New York at Buffalo
• The University of Minnesota, Duluth
• The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
• The University of Texas at El Paso
• The University of Virginia School of Nursing
• The University of Wisconsin-Madison
• University of Alabama School of Nursing
• University of Arkansas Fort Smith
• University of Pennsylvania
• University of South Carolina
• University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
• Virginia Polytecnic Institute and State Univeristy
• Washington state University


• Central South Forestry University
• Chengdu University
• Jiangsu University
• Jiujiang University
• Kunming Medical College
• National Office of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Hanban)
• Oxbridge College, Kunming University of Science and Technology
• School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University เขตปกครองพิเศษ ฮ่องกง
• Shanghai University
• Shantou University
• The Harbin Institute
• Wenzhou Medical College
• Xi’an Jiaotong University
• Xi’an Medical University
• Yunnan Nationalities University
• Yunnan Normal University
• Yunnan University

• Azabu University
• Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC)
• Fukuhara Gakuen University Consortium
• Gifu University
• Gunma University
• Japan International Cooperation Agency
• Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
• Kagawa University
• Kanazawa University
• Kanda University of International Studies
• Kanto Gakuin University
• Keio University
• Keisen University
• Kinki University
• Kobe Women’s University
• Kokushikan University
• Kwassui Women’s College
• Mie University
• Muroran Institute of Technology
• Nagasaki University
• Nara Medical University
• Nippon Medical School
• Ochanomizu University
• Osaka University of Foreign Studies
• Rikkyo University
• Ryukyus University
• Shiga University
• Shinshu University
• The Nippon Foundation
• The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
• Toho University
• Toyota Technological Institute
• University of Ryukyus
• Yamaguchi University
• Ewha Womans University
• Gangnung-Wonju National University
• Handong Global University
• Hansei University
• Pusan University of Foreign Studies
Lao P.D.R.
• Souphanouvong University
• Universiti Utara Malaysia http://www.uum.edu.my/index.php/en/
• Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) https://www.unisza.edu.my/index.php?lang=en
• Dagon University
• Mandalay University
• University of Medicine 2, Yangon
• University of Medicine, Mandalay
• Yadanabon University
• Yangon Institute of Economics
• Yangon University
Nepal (Kingdom of Nepal)
• Tribhuvan University
• Al Hawash Private University for Pharmacy and Cosmetic
• Asia University
• Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science
• Chougchou University of Technology
• Feng Chia University
• Industrial Technology Research Institute
• National Chengchi University
• National Chung Hsing University
• National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
• National Sun-Yat-Sen University
• National Taiwan Normal University
• Southern Taiwan University
• Tajen Institute of Technology
Vietnam (Socialist Republic of Vietnam)
• Cantho University
• Nong Lam University
• Tai Nguyen University
• ThaiNguyen University
• The College of Sciences, Hue University
The Czech Republic
• The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
The United Kingdom
• Aston University
• BBC World Service Trust
• Middlesex University
• Staffordshire University
• The University of Reading
• University of Hertfordshire
• University of Leeds
• University of Hamburg

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