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Internet & Computer

Information Technology Service Centre (ITSC)
The CMU Information Technology Service Centre was established on April 6th, 2002, as a semi-autonomous university organisation, generating its own revenue, and operating under its own budget. Constituted from the consolidation of the resources of the CMU Computer Service Center (established in 1975) and the CMU Information Technology Center, it is ITSC’s mission to provide the university and the community with software products, and consulting services. Moreover, it provides education and technical services for e-Learning, e-Business, and e-Government, all supportive to academic, social, and economic advancement. The ITSC ensures that standards of excellence are maintained in the development and implementation of products and services, such as a Learning Management System (LMS), the Management Information System (MIS), the Financial Information System (FIS), and the Network System Administration. ITSC is a leader in media design, especially with regard to developing high quality, fully interactive, multimedia presentations, and e- Learning courseware.

IT and Network Services

Pursuant to the policy to develop CMU as a living and learning centre, all students receive their own user account with an e-mail address. Their user name and password also enable them to access to the online registration, grad checking and online learning (Knowledge Creator: KC). (A Wireless Network)
A Wireless Network zone or Jumbo-Net of 227 on-campus nodes (with modem speed 54 Mbps) is available in all faculties, centres, units, and dormitories. The students can access to the wireless network service in the areas with “Jumbo-Net Service Area” sign.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
A VPN service which connects to the university’s network system allows the students with ADSL remote access from every campus to use the online-databases and e-library via website

Remote Access
CMU students, faculty, and staff living off campus can access CMU-Net via our remote access service and are entitled to 60 hours per month of free remote access to the CMU intranet and the Internet (modem speed 28.8 to 56 Kbps via 270 lines).

Computer and Internet Service
Via CMU-Net, ITSC provides and maintains a reliable network service for CMU students, faculty, and staff. CMU-NET, the ‘central nervous system’ of the campus information infrastructure, supplies network access at 250/1000 Mbps to more than 1,000 in 50 on-campus nodes located around the campus.

CMU-NET is a stable, user-centered network with a back-up path of up to 4 GBps fibre optic access providing high-speed service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The ITSC Corner equipped with 1090 PCs is established for students’ IT service.

An online learning system or e-learning of Chiang Mai University has been developed to KC-Moodle Version 5. This service is available for CMU students and staff via :

Learning Innovation Center : LIC
The most innovative centre in the northern part of Thailand offers consulting and services of teaching and learning media, development of learning equipments and the learning innovation both Hardware and software.

IT Services and Training
Offering vary training courses of Computer and Information Technology for students and interested public.

For more information, please visit ITSC website or e-mail:

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