Faculty of Mass Communication

Faculty of Mass Communication

We offer a modern curriculum with intensive integration of content, design, and technology. Students have opportunity to learn and practice with lecturers and country's real experts in the field. We aim to develop graduates fully equipped with skills, ethical responsibility and creativity so that they can make beneficial contribution to society.

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Mass Comm, CMU provides experiential programs in undergraduate and graduate study attracting students from across Thailand and worldwide. Approximately 250 undergraduate students and 20 graduate students are enrolled each year.

Our intensive undergraduate curriculum includes journalism, marketing communication, and entertainment communication, emphasizing content creation, media production, and convergent media landscape. In other words, joining the undergraduate program, you learn to craft compelling and thought provoking stories and other narratives to make impact, provoke action, exert influence, or to change behavior via various forms of media. Apart from typical classes, students also learn from visiting industry veterans, and guest lecturers’ insights from the big names in both domestic and international media industry.

It can be said that communication is a tool for passing on, sharing information, ideas, attitude or experience, and connecting people together. Pursuing higher communication education is a multidisciplinary approach to technological innovation literacy, together with learning diversity of social, economic, political, cultural contexts which lead to development at local, national, regional and international levels. With this in mind, our Master of Arts in Communication Studies is committed to prepare and develop students to be academics and researchers in integrative communication. Students are encouraged to focus their researches on issues of local and global interests.

The Faculty has fostered outstanding graduates recognized as the country’s leading individuals in the field of media. Important alumni include Lupt Utama—professional costume designer known for plenty of works featuring in successful films: The Impossible (2012), World War Z (2012), The Sweeney (2012), and the House of Saddam 2, and 3, and Dr.Suwichit Chaidaroon-lecturer in world-class institutions such as the California State University, University of Sydney, Nanyang Technological University, and University of Westminster.


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