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Bachelor of Nursing Science Program
This programme is designed to deliver professional nurses able to provide nursing care both in hospital and community settings. At the end of the programme students are awarded their degree and they will be eligible to take the nursing license exam to be able to practise as registered nurses and midwives.
Educational management in this program aims to produce graduates who can practice in both health care service and community settings. The following competencies of graduates are expected:

1. Be able to apply knowledge of nursing science and other sciences, which are relevant to human, environment, and health to nursing practice.
2. Practice quality nursing in health promotion, disease prevention, nursing care, primary medical care, and rehabilitation to individuals, families, groups, and communities. Nursing process and research-based practices are used in solving problems and promote health. Nursing care is holistic, continually and is relevant to social and cultural context. Nursing practice is according to morals and professional code of ethics, standards, nursing and midwifery professional laws, and other relevant laws.
3. Practice nursing with the concern of rights, participation, and potential of an individual, family, group, and community so that they can take care of themselves and can seek for help in all health conditions of normal, risky, and sick.
4. Be skillful in teaching, advising, counseling, and promoting competencies of an individual, family, group, and community in health promotion, disease prevention, nursing care, and rehabilitation.
5. Has good attitude towards one’s self, clients, colleagues, and profession.
6. Be able to work collaboratively with colleagues at all levels. Having skills in communication and making relations with an individual, family, group, and community appropriately.
7. Encompass leadership, decision-making, management, change, creative thinking, and critical thinking skills.
8. Apply information technology in learning, nursing practice, management and other development.
9. Continually develop one’s self by inquiring knowledge from different sources and be able to conduct basic research.
10. Be a good ethical and moral citizen, good member of nursing profession, and live a life with quality.