Programs / Undergraduate Programs
International College and Digital Innovation
Bachelor of Arts Program in Social Science
The BA in Social Science is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in
social sciences,equipping them with an understanding of the dynamics of society and
culture in the context of globalization. Social science conceptual and analytical tools
are adopted to deepen and broaden student s understanding of the economic, political,
social, cultural and environmental changes taking place in the Southeast Asia region
over recent decades, as well as other emerging issues and phenomena; for example, resource management, migration, climate change, health and infectious diseases; demoncratization, human rights, rural-urban changes and interactions, as well as food security, civil society and social movement.
The Program is taught in English, with a mix of students studying on the course from a
variety of different nations, something which creates a unique cross-cultural learning
environment. Students will have the chance to undertake a short-term intership with a
development organization during their fourth year, and to carry out a small independent
research project related to their individual interests - focusing on countries in
Southeast Asia