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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
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Introduction to our fuculty
website: http://www.vet.cmu.ac.th

<B> FVM CMU @ A Glance</B>

&#8226; A public faculty, founded officially in 1994
&#8226; 14th Faculty of CMU.
&#8226; Start to enroll veterinary students since 1996

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University (FVM/CMU) is a veterinary college in the Northern part of Thailand which exhibits about one-fourth of the livestock population in Thailand. The FVM was founded officially on August 2, 1994 which is becoming the fourteenth Faculty of Chiang Mai University in the Health Science Group of Faculties.

FVM/CMU started to enroll veterinary students since 1996 in the curriculum of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) which is a six-year academic program developed from the national meeting on veterinary medical education in 1992, which aiming at increased emphasis on subject integration, problem-based, learning approach, and professional skill particularly in the clinical years. The curriculum comprises of three levels in which pre-veterinary medical subjects are in the first year, pre-clinical veterinary medical subjects in the following two years and clinical veterinary medical subjects in the last three years. The core curriculum integrated covers veterinary biosciences, pathobiology and clinical sciences.

<B>FVM is focusing on 3 species-oriented departments with 9 clinics;</B>

1) Department of Veterinary Biosciences and Veterinary Public Health
- Division of Veterinary Preclinic
- Division of Veterinary Paraclinic
- Division of Veterinary Public Health

2) Department of Companion Animal and Wildlife Clinic Small Animal Clinic
- Elephant and Wildlife Clinic
- Equine Clinic
- Small Animal Clinic

3) Department of Food Animal Clinic Ruminant Clinic
- Aquatic Animals Clinic
- Swine Animal Clinic
- Poultry Clinic

<B>FVM-CMU also has focused on academic services to the community of the region which covers..,</B>

1) Animal Health Service Center
- 1.1 Small Animal Hospital
- 1.2 Large Animal Hospital
- 1.3 Dairy Cow Hospital
- 1.4 Veterinary Diagnostic Center
2) Veterinary Public Health Centre for Asia Pacific (VPHCAP)
3) FVM Demonstration and Research Farm
Year Founded
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Asst.Prof.Dr.Khwanchai Kreausukon
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Number of Instructor: 63 persons

DVM = 26
MS = 26
Ph.D. = 11

Instructor on studying Leave: (16 persons)
MS = 5
Ph.D. = 11

Number of Students:
Year 2004 / MALE=19 FEMALE = 35 TOTAL=54
Year 2005 / MALE=20 FEMALE = 33 TOTAL=53
Year 2006 / MALE=12 FEMALE = 33 TOTAL=45
Year 2007 / MALE=16 FEMALE = 33 TOTAL= 49
Year 2008 / MALE=22 FEMALE = 37 TOTAL=59
Year 2009 / MALE=19 FEMALE = 27 TOTAL=46

Year 2007 / MALE=6 FEMALE = 3 TOTAL= 9
Number of Staffs: 104 persons