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Faculty of Nursing
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Introduction to our fuculty
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University is a leading nursing academic institute, which is well recognized nationally and internationally.
Faculty of Nursing’s main campus is situated in the city of Chiang Mai located within the Chiang Mai University Suan Dok Campus. The nursing faculty has a second campus located in the suburbs of Chiang Mai, Mae Rim district.

With our philosophy, we believe that nursing education is a process of personal development which will enhance a nurse’s competency, responsibility, leadership, and moral and ethical consideration. Nurses must respond to the health needs of individuals, families, and communities which continuously change, therefore the nursing curriculum must have different levels that focus on self development, research, community service and cultural preservation. In addition, a good academic environment, collaboration, and continuous quality improvement will ensure that the Faculty of Nursing is the centre of academic excellence.
The Faculty of Nursing is committed to the determination of Chiang Mai University in order to be the center of higher academic education and prestigious profession that can greatly benefit the local and national population at large.

The Faculty of Nursing will continue to be a leading nursing academic institution at the international level that produces quality graduates, research, and academic service, and embodies good governance and the sufficiency economy philosophy.

Core Value
Strive for excellent with teamwork and participation within the organization.

Branding of FON
“(Good) Knowledgeable—(Best) Practice—Research Oriented—Moral Consideration—International recognition.”

Structure of FON
Also in the faculty, there are 4 divisions of management: the Faculty Office, Division of Nursing, Nursing Service Center and Center of Excellence in Nursing.

As a commitment to Chiang Mai University, the Faculty of Nursing has four principle functions: education, research, community service and cultural conservation.
Year Founded
We are proud that the school has been established for 50 years
In 1941, The Royal Thai Government had planned to establish a university in the northern region of Thailand. However, the planned was postponed due to the outbreak of World War two.
In 1956, the Thai cabinet approved the establishment of a medical school in Chiang Mai province; at the same time, a school of nursing midwifery was also created.
FON was established in 1959 as a Division within the Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, for the purpose of moving to the north.
In 1960 the Faculty of Medicine, including the Nursing Division, moved to Chiang Mai, becoming the first Medical School under the Ministry of University Affairs to be set up outside the capital.
The first practical nurse program began in 1960, followed with the diploma program of nursing in 1961
In 1965 the Faculty of Medicine was incorporated into Chiang Mai University, and the bachelor of nursing science program in 1966.
On August 15th, 1972 the Faculty of Nursing at Chiang Mai University formally celebrated as the third Nursing Faculty in Thailand.
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Welcome to the Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University (FON, CMU). Since our formation in 1959 we have upheld a pledge to ensure the highest quality of nurse graduates from our Faculty. Our aims are to provide quality education to conduct research and to serve community and society.

We offer Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. in Nursing degree programmes. Our programmes are taught in both Thai and English languages. The English language international programmes serve participants from Thailand, the region, and abroad. Our wide range offers you the opportunity to obtain a professional qualification of the highest standing as well as a remarkable educational and personal experience.

Our Bachelor degree programmes prepare professional nurses for the essential career they are to undertake in society. The wide range of Master degree programmes offered give opportunities for specialization and career development. Our Ph.D. in Nursing, the foremost professional nursing degree, is an international programme taught in collaboration with universities abroad, and provides content and research skills necessary for graduates to assume responsibilities in academia as nurse scholars, and at the highest level of practice.

Our international programmes in the English language, Bachelor and Master levels as well as Ph.D., will provide graduates with degrees that are acceptable world-wide.

The Faculty of Nursing, CMU, looks to the future when designing courses. We believe that advancement of the nursing profession all over the world will only continue, and for that reason we are constantly reviewing our courses and teaching methods to ensure the very latest in education and information.

Our Nursing Research Center is a resource for students, faculty and the community, offering full and comprehensive up-to-date information, advice, equipment and expertise. Incorporated in the Nursing Research Center are other Centers that focus on and assist with research and development in specific fields, the specific research centers in Nursing Education, Elderly Care, HIV/AIDS, the Nursing Policy and Outcome Center, etc. Furthermore, we have two international centers of collaboration, the Thailand Centre for Evidence Based Practice in Nursing and Midwifery: An Affiliated Centre for Evidence Review of Joanna Briggs Institute and the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Development.

We believe our Faculty is a vibrant institution with caring and dedicated faculty staff, and enriched by our student body. I invite you to contact us for information, and hope one day to welcome you to the Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University.

Professor Dr.Wipada Kunaviktikul
Dean, Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University
Academic Programs
For Education, the faculty offers both national and international programs ranging from certificates through doctoral level.
At present, there is one certificate program for practical nurses, 2 bachelor degree programs, 11 master programs and 2 doctoral programs covering both Thai and English languages.
The graduates of the Faculty of Nursing at Chiang Mai University are competent and proficient professional nurses who offer quality nursing education and nursing services. They can utilize morals and nursing ethics to guide their life. Alumni of the Faculty are good role models and well recognized nationally and internationally.